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I am privileged to be able to make my home on the shore of Little Traverse Bay in Harbor Springs, Michigan and spend time in winter above Salt Creek Beach in Laguna Niguel, California. During my childhood years in Germany we vacationed in summer on the North Sea island Norderney. My favorite pastime is spending hours in nature, especially around and in water, gazing at the sky, drinking in the ever-changing beauty of both. Hours spent in such settings awaken all my senses. I can hardly wait to transform a two-dimensional canvas through a celebration of color into a moving sculpture. Painting is for me a tool to honor divinity in nature.

When I represent water, sky and the connected light, I like to convey a special mood influenced by:

For a painting this would apply to:

My goal is to become a master at capturing these moments of reflected light over different bodies of water. The settings in my work are transferable, leaving the connection to the imagination of the beholder. For example,

At the same time I add some area specifics at times, for example:

In years to come I will add more coastal specifics and plant life.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of my work goes to fund safe drinking water and water conservation.


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